A fresh take on online dating

Unveil is a dating app that connects people through voice. As a co-founder I'm responsible for the visual & interaction design, and product direction.

Note: Unveil got acquired in June 2018 and I'm no longer involved in the project


If you look at most dating services in the market, there is one thing in common - profile photos are front and center of the experience. This leads people to make a snap judgement based on looks, and put little effort to get to know someone.

Tinder, Happn, Bumble App Store images

First iteration

At the outset of the project, we focused on defining key components of the app that will help us achieve our goal.

Create an alternative dating app that bring personality to the fore and encourage more meaningful interactions.

We decided to tackle this by:
• Prevent people from making a snap judgement based on looks.
• Highlight people's personality in an authentic and engaging way.

Some of the early wireframes

Once we got the early design iteration done, we gathered 26 participants to validate the concept and its viability.

Majority of the people looking for a serious relationship were very interested in the concept. This aligned with our goal and target group, and gave us the conviction to move to the next stage.

Early prototype

The launch

After multiple iterations, Unveil was released in 2016 on iOS, followed by Android version in 2017.

Promotional video we created to generate interest prior to launch.

Preventing snap judgement

All user's profile photos are blurred in the beginning to prevent snap judgement.

Profile that’s more revealing than photos

With photo being less prominent part of the profile, it's replaced with an audio introduction that user records to express who they are. It's personal, intimate and paints a much more authentic picture of a person than photos or text.

More you talk,
more you unveil

Profile photos are progressively unveiled as a conversation builds up, allowing users to reveal their photo only to people they have great conversations with.

Sample flows of the final design

Marketing Unveil

For the launch, we focused on the Canadian market where we were able to leverage early beta users and used low cost marketing to grow our user base.

We reached out to the press to promote our app and received coverage from Huffington Post, dating blogs and lifestyle magazine. This tactic drove some traffic for a short period but it wasn’t a reliable acquisition source.

We also periodically uploaded original content on social medias to generate interest. This provided a good brand exposure where we were discovered by the press and users.


Unveil is now available in 16 countries on iOS and Android, have been featured in categories such as - New Apps We Love, Meeting Someone New, Dating & Romance, Apps Made In Toronto in App Store and named Best of Anonymous Android Apps, Best of Couples iOS Apps and Best of Couples Android Apps in Product Hunt.

Update: Unveil got acquired in June 2018